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beyond scienceHigh Purity-PHBAbout (polyhydroxybutyric acid)

The PHB provided by Beyond Science is the highest level in the world.

PHB is now produced in many countries around the world. However, there are a limited number of companies and countries that can produce high-quality and highly safe PHB that can be used in pet food.

PHB handled by Beyond Science,

Produced in the world's top-level PHB laboratory.

​~History of high-purity PHB~


[Delivering ketone bodies to intestinal bacteria]ketobioticsis a rough definition of

About six years ago, a Japanese researcher, Mr. S, who was researching ketone bodies, discovered it and named it as a new prebiotic.

Mr. S said, ``This will surely be useful for mammals. ’ thought.

Already then, ``it is only possible with very pure PHB. I was secretly aware of that.

but,PHB is "safe enough for mammals to eat and has little off-taste"companies that deal withcouldn't find it no matter how much I searched.

At that time, the manufacturing technology/know-how itselfThere were several research institutes and companies that had Unfortunately, it was far from practical for practical use.

First, high-purity PHB was too expensive.In addition, unfortunately, the place with equipment that can mass-produce enough to be released as a productdomesticallythere wasn't one.

However, Mr. S did not give up, and nextOf overseasI kept looking, turning to the institutes and laboratories. and finallyResearching high-purity PHBthere isInstitute with researchersI immediately contacted him and visited him without delay.When I met him, Mr. G was surprisingly a very friendly person despite being in a high position as a researcher.At the same time, however, Mr. S quickly discovered that he was very intelligent and an outstanding researcher.

When I talked to Mr. G himself, the developer,"The hidden potential of high-purity PHB"for​As expectedI had already noticed. It didn't take long for the two to come to terms. thehidden potentialtalk aboutfor a whileThey say they didn't run out.

in this wayThanks to the miraculous exchanges between these researchers, it is now possible to release high-quality PHBs into the world.

Research (world-class laboratories)

theResearch to realize "high-purity PHB"is Mr. GI went to study abroad in Europe and went there with my friends for more than 10 years.Laboratory after returning to JapanToTogether with a group of bright young people, it has been studied for many more years and continues to this day.

Manufacture (equipment with advanced technology)

The PHB handled by Beyond Science is

Specially manufactured in high-tech equipment commissioned by Mr. G's lab.

Thorough hygiene control and highIn equipment with technology,specially manufacturedIt is a thing.


《 Photo of highly purified PHB 》

Texture unimaginable with conventional PHBdetail.

Conventionally, the powder is coarser and has a lot of miscellaneous tastes,In terms of safety,There were various problems for mammals to eat.

Only natural products can be refined to this extent thanks to advanced research and advanced technology.​, and special equipmentIt is because of


《 ISO9001取得 》

国際標準化機構 (ISO) による品質マネジメントシステムに関する規格の認証を得た設備で製造しています。

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