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A new concept for pet health

 Beyond ketone bodies


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​What we offer

 Beyond Science proposes a scientifically cutting-edge health method that utilizes polyhydroxybutyrate. Poly-hydroxybutyrate is hydrolyzed by the enzymes of intestinal bacteria to produce ketone bodies in the intestinal bacteria, and the ketone bodies contribute to maintaining the health of the intestinal flora. This is a new concept called "Ketobiotics" that we aim to popularize. We hope it will be useful for your precious pets.


Poly-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) is hydrolyzed by enzymes of enterobacteria to produce ketone bodies and activate enterobacteria. This is a totally novel tool of prebiotics and new ketogenic diet for pets. ONE GIANT LEAP for mammals.

Presented by Beyond Science Ltd.

​What is poly-hydroxybutyrate?

Poly-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) is a polymer of ketone bodies, so the ketone bodies are long chains1000more than one are connected. Therefore, it is not degraded in the stomach and small intestine of mammals, and is hydrolyzed only by intestinal bacteria in the large intestine.

Enzymes in intestinal bacteria use the ketone bodies that are decomposed one by one, and short-chain fatty acids such as butyric acid, acetic acid, and propionic acid increase in the intestinal flora, resulting in an optimal state of the large intestine. helps to maintain

It is a completely new type of prebiotic that is possible only because it is a natural compound consisting of ketone bodies linked together like a chain.

In addition, excess ketone bodies are absorbed into the body and contribute to maintaining immunity by supporting health maintenance.

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​About high-purity PHB provided by Beyond Science

Produced in the world's top-level PHB laboratory.

And it is manufactured by equipment with thorough hygiene control and high technology that produces raw materials for medical materials to be implanted in the human body.

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Manufacture (equipment with advanced technology)Up to ​

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as an energy substrate
​ketone bodies

Ketone bodies belong to the group of organic acids and are characterized by having a hydroxyl group at the β-position.

​About serotonin

If you fill your brain with serotonin, it may be possible to free your brain from the grip of stress and carve out your own future. And the biggest key to filling the brain with force is in ketone bodies.

​ Column

 ketone donor

The criteria for classifying ketone donors is determined by how many ketone bodies are released.

Carbohydrate restriction and ketone bodies

If possible, if you eat a diet with carbohydrates reduced to 30-40%, the ketone body concentration will rise to about 0.2-0.3 millimolar.




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