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​ Mitochondria and anti-aging

Mitochondria are small organelles inside cells that have DNA because they were originally bacteria. Therefore, it can divide and multiply autonomously. That is why it has a decisive role in controlling the life and death of cells in the human body. Impaired mitochondrial energy metabolism releases factors that induce cell death. If the mitochondria are actively working, the cells are also lively and anti-aging effects can be expected.


Cells make energy in two places: the cytoplasm and the mitochondria. The energy metabolism pathway in the cytoplasm is called "glycolysis", which mainly decomposes glucose and converts it into an energy source that is easy to use in the body. However, this route cannot be said to have good metabolic efficiency because part of the glucose changes to lactic acid during decomposition and is not completely oxidized.


Mitochondrial energy metabolism is very efficient. This is because the compounds called ketone bodies and pyruvate reach directly and are completely oxidized and everything becomes energy.
Therefore, the key to healthy longevity is how to use these highly energy-efficient mitochondria. The reason that carbohydrate restriction is good for the body is that lowering carbohydrates suppresses insulin spikes and increases the concentration of ketone bodies, which become an energy source in mitochondria and improve metabolic efficiency. This is because mitochondria are activated.

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