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​Ketobiotics Philosophy


We would like to contribute to maintaining the health of the intestinal flora through a new methodology called "Ketobiotics".


poly-hydroxybutyrate /PHBsMost importantly, it is not degraded by mammalian digestive enzymes. Only the enzymes of intestinal bacteria can hydrolyze.

In order to be hydrolyzed by the enzymes of intestinal bacteria, ketone bodies are first produced in the intestinal bacteria. In other words, intestinal bacteria are the first target.


Since research on ketone bodies has focused on their effects on mammals (eukaryotic cells),PHBsThe function of ketone bodies is the relationship with intestinal bacteria, so it can be said that it is the unknown half of ketone bodies that "acts on prokaryotic cells". It opens up new horizons for ketone body research and creates a new research field.


Ketone bodies hydrolyzed by the intestinal flora contribute to maintaining an ideal intestinal flora.

Therefore, it can be said that "ketobiotics" are a new type of prebiotics.


We want to protect the health of pets and industrial animals by working on good bacteria, especially butyric acid bacteria, in the intestinal flora and helping to maintain the health of the large intestine.

That's what ketobiotics are.

Contributes to maintaining an ideal intestinal flora




・ 好ましい割合の善玉菌を維持して腸内細菌叢の理想的な状態を保ち、良好な便通を保つことが可能になる。
・ 制御性T細胞/Treg細胞の適切な働きを維持できるため、免疫力を好ましいレベルで保つことが可能になる。
・ 脳腸相関により健康的な脳の状態を維持することが可能になる。



PHBは一部の腸内細菌が膜表面上に持つPHBデポリメラーゼでゆっくりと加水分解されて、ケトン体  (3-ヒドロキシ酪酸)をゆっくりと放出します。

image (2)_edited.png

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