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Message for pets

being ketogenic

 We advocate maintaining high ketone body levels sustainably as one of the easiest ways to live a long and healthy life. It can also be said to be "to make a ketogenic constitution".
Ketone bodies act as energy substrates in the same way as other organic acids such as pyruvate, but only ketone bodies for which specific receptors such as HCAR2 and GPR43 are present have much lower Physiological effects can be induced by concentration. Therefore, it is not necessary to greatly increase ketone body concentration by unreasonable dietary restrictions, and maintaining a slightly higher state for a long time is one of the basic standards for maintaining good health.

So what if, for example, we had a new technology to add ketone bodies exogenously?


It can be said that it is a "ketone donor".

Being a prebiotic

One of the most noteworthy is the new prebiotics based on polyhydroxybutyric acid (PHB).

It is called "ketobiotics" because it provides ketone bodies to intestinal bacteria.


We provide therapeutic diets, supplements, and healthy pet foods for pets and industrial animals.
We are now aiming to put this “ketobiotics” into practical use.

We believe that it should be applied effectively to contribute to the health maintenance of mammals, including pets.


Aiming beyond the ketogenic and making a new history in biology.
This project (Beyond Science) is the result of this researcher's strong aspirations.

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