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What is poly-hydroxybutyrate /PHB?

Produced by bacteria ➡➡➡➡


​➡➡➡➡Fine powder


History as a biodegradable plastic

PHB is a simple polymer made up of thousands of ketone bodies made from fungi (a type of organism/bacteria) that live in seas and lakes. For several decades, it has been known that it accumulates in the body of bacteria in the form of granules, and its potential as a raw material for biodegradable plastics has been pointed out. However, due to its extremely fragile structure, its practical use as a plastic is limited. However, in recent years, it is expected to be applied in other fields.

Potential as a prebiotic

It is possible that this substance may have a positive effect on the intestinal flora because it is degraded by bacteria, ie as a "prebiotic".

We are aiming for this "prebiotics with ketone bodies". ​


PHBs(Polyhydroxybutyric acid) is patented.

       patent7138391    Patent 6571298


​ *PHB is planned to be sold as pet food, pet supplement, pet therapeutic food, or feed additive. Human approval is not currently available.

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